This section contains concept arts created remotely between 2015 and 2016 by Richard Dumont in collaboration with Jorry Rosman and Timothée Maton, for the video game Prodigy Tactics created by Hanakai studio, directed by Jean Bey and published in 2017 by Forever Entertainment.

For this project, I was asked to design the interior of an ancient temple and the exterior of ruins submerged by plants and forest. First I had to design in 3D(Maya) the main structures, based on gameplay constraints. Then I made research for the ambiance and some designs for the main components. Been quite busy managing contracts during that period, I asked the help of Timothée Maton, a young concept artist I teached too at the time who is really good with painting and detailing, and passionnate by RPG universe. I also had the help of master Jorry Rosman for the exterior painting. Thanks for the help Tim and Jorry!